Growing up in a small town, I knew there had to be more out there than what I was presented. You are always taught that there is not much to do and that leaving the town is near impossible. I made sure that would never be and I would not be the person living with their parents until their 30.

I took the leap to move out to the Orlando area and attend the University of Central Florida where I have pursued a major in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Health Sciences and Communication and a minor in Medical Sociology. This degree taught me the ins and outs of each area. But it also showed me the importance of working together and knowing that a one track mind never finds the best solution.

My Passion

My passion can be broken into 3 separate topics. The first being supplements and preventative health care. Having worked with people and improving their health over the last 5 years, I have seen an increase in the amount of people that are tired of being reactive to their health. They are tired of waiting for things to go bad and then tackle them. So my goal is to launch public health campaigns against the diseases and illnesses that are affecting millions of people everyday.

The second is technology. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated with technology and where it can head. The world continues to improve on it day to day and I want to be on the forefront of bringing that tech to the everyday users. Whether that be explaining the benefits of a great graphics card or just simply letting people know how to maximize their email settings. I plan to bring as much useful information to the forefront as possible.

And lastly, this more recent passion has stemmed from a position I took up at the end of 2019. Search Engine Optimization. Otherwise known as SEO. Between the use of AHREFS and and Google Analytics, mastering the search engines for the benefit of the people has been a driving factor in a good portion of my life. While there is no direct way to know what Google and Bing and Yahoo may be looking for, there is room to guess and play with to ranking on your favorite search engine. My goal is to help as many people as possible master this platform.

My Goals

I have two major goals in life. The first is to end preventable diseases like Type 2 diabetes. If it means going through every rank of a local government to be being head of the CDC one day, my goal is to help everyone in the world take care of themselves. Starting from a young age and into older adulthood, I think everyone should know the value of a calorie and how simply putting food in your mouth can effect the rest of your life. Proper nutrition and activity is one of the biggest key factors preventing people from succeeding in their health. My goal is to bring that to everyone.

The other goal is to bring the world up to date on proper electronic recycling. As a passionate electronic enthusiast, I have my fair share of old laptops and PC parts littering the house. But I have been relentless in repurposing and maximizing their components even after they have not been used in years. The goal is to bring the knowledge of green electronics and the proper way to recycle them to the general public to help reduce electronic waste and maximize the usefulness of any piece of tech. Even long after they are obsulete.