What is IDS?

   With Interdisciplinary Studies, the main goal is to take the most varied approach to any given situation. Instead of thinking about it from a specialized approach in terms of one single minded track, interdisciplinary studies will investigate multiple approaches to find the breakthrough or finished product. Those that study takes the time to take different perspectives and think about different times for the project. They’ll think about how to solve the problem, what people are affected by the problem, where the problem started, how the problem can evolve, how the solution can affect people, and so on. We investigate the future with ideas that encompass more than just an idea, but a history and future as well. 

    Interdisciplinary studies are also about working with those that have great specialization skills. We need to learn how to bring together someone that can design and engine, and someone that can tell which chemicals come together to create combustion, to start the idea of a rocket ship or a plane. Communication is one of the biggest keys to be an multipotentialite. We think about all the potential an idea, movement, skill, value can have past just the field that maximizes it.

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