To maintain accuracy in sharing correct information with the world. Bringing in the knowledge science jargon, and making it understandable for everyone.

Fitness Instructor • Planet Fitness • February 4, 2016 – July 7, 2017

Played a key role in helping individuals take the first step in reaching their fitness goals. Was the key person in teaching people equipment and exercises to perform in their workouts. In charge of safety of equipment and individuals.

Key Holder • The Vitamin Shoppe • July 8, 2017 – Present

Currently in charge of helping run the store. Manager duties include education to costumers and employee’s on new and exciting products at the store. Currently traveling throughout district to help many stores in terms of product education and organization of stores. Involved in setting up Grassroots (Demo Tables) throughout the district. 

Freelance Health Educator • April 2019 - Present

Multiple outlets to teach the public and companies about products and healthy lifestyles. Ranging from breaking down product ingredients to identify benefits and selling points. To writing up articles for education on healthy lifestyle choices. I work with Adobe Captivate and Ceros to maximize the range at education can do for businesses.

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